Music lovers in India as well as many overseas countries are familiar with the brand nan1e "PAKRASHI & CO." as the manufacturer of quality harmonium since 1922. Over the years it has not only undergone several qualitative refinements and various improvisations but also have made it a most dependable musical instrument. In keeping with the present trends, the international pitch (A-440 Hz) has been followed in these harmoniums to make it a world standard instrument. Harmonium Handling is a very delicate process. Our comapany provides you all the best Harmonium Servicing and gives you the unique Harmonium Operation.


    How to open the instrument
  • Step 1 - The box has a detachable lid which can be removed by opening the locks. The lid must first be removed by opening the locks. The box must be kept in a horizontal position while opening.
  • Step 2 - By holding the two notches on either side the instrument is pulled in a n upward direction and the collapsible locks are set automatically.
       Please take necessary cautions before operating

          How to play
  • Step 1 - Open the bellow closing device, push and draw the bellow for air intake.
  • Step 2 - Press the key boards for playing.
          N. B. Bellowing is a constant process while playing.

        How to change the scale Step 1 - The changing knob should be pressed downwards to the extreme and slided towards left or right from the fifth position (normal position marked "C" in the scale display label) to set it as required.


Step 2 - The changing knob should be positioned correcdy keeping an eye in the scale display label so that the indicator needle sets in the desired scale.

How to close